The History of House – Die BCM Box

Das deutsche Label BCM Records veröffentlichte 1988 die Box „The History of the House Sound of Chicago“ als 12x LP +3 bzw. 15x CD. Hier die Infos zur Box.

BCM hatte zuvor zwei Sampler mit dem „House Sound of Chicago“ veröffentlicht [Vol.1] [Vol.2] und dann zur Krönung diese großartige Box:

HSOC Box 12LP Package
The History of House Sound of Chicago – 12LP Box Package

Die Box beinhaltet ein sehr schönes Booklet mit der Entstehungsgeschichte der House Musik.
Siehe hierzu: „The Story of House“ (in deutscher Übersetzung).

Zu allen Alben gibt es einen Beitrag mit Infos zu den Songs. Die Links stehen unten in der Auflistung oder in der Kategorie BCM Box stöbern.

12x LP Box …from the very beginning…

Die Box als „Special limited Editon contains 120 Tracks on 12 LPs“

Fehler der Original Tracklist sind hier bereinigt:

01-02 The Tracks That Built The House

siehe hierzu das Special: The Tracks that built the House

  • Colonel Abrams – Trapped
  • Shirley Lites – Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
  • Candido – Jingo
  • Positive Force – We Got The Funk
  • First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder
  • Jimmy ‚Bo‘ Horne – Spank
  • Two Man Sound – Que Tal America
  • Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It
  • Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling
  • Sparque – Let’s Go Dancing

  • D-Train – You’re The One For Me
  • Raw Silk – Do It To The Music
  • Ripple – Beat Goes On
  • Klein & M.B.O. – Dirty Talk
  • Martin Circus – Disco Circus
  • Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
  • T-Connection – At Midnight
  • D-Train – Keep On
  • Telex – Moskow Diskow
  • Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up
03 DJ International – The Early Years

siehe hierzu das Special: DJ International – Early Years 1985-86

  • J.M. Silk – Music Is The Key (House Key)
  • Arrogance – Crazy (Club Mix)
  • The It – Donnie (Radio Mix)
  • Shawn Christopher – People Of All Nations (Club Mix)
  • Chip E. ft. K. Joy – Like This (Extended Mix)
  • Farm Boy – Move (Club Mix)
  • J.M. Silk – Shadows Of Your Love (House Mix)
  • Mark Imperial – J’Adore Danser (Club Mix)
  • White Knight – Never Give Up (Club)
  • Fingers Inc. – A Path (Club Mix)
04 The DJ Underground Tracks

siehe hierzu das Special: Underground Records – Early Years

  • Liz Torres ft. Kenny ‚Jammin“ Jason – What You Make Me Feel (Fierce Mix)
  • House Rockers ft. Frankie ‚Hollywood‘ Rodriguez and Jimmy L.A. Perna – Everybody Do It! (Hollywood Mix)
  • House People – Godfather Of House (Club Version)
  • E.S.P. – It’s You (Vocal)
  • Tyree ft. Chic – I Fear The Night (Subterranean Mix)
  • Fingers Inc. – It’s Over (Dub)
  • Raz – Amour Puerto Riqueno (Puerto Rican Lover) (Spanish Club Mix)
  • Fingers Inc. – Mystery Of Love (Club Mix)
  • Steve ‚Silk‘ Hurley – Jack Your Body (Club)
  • Professor Funk & The House Brothers – Work Your Body Rap
05 DJ International Classics

siehe hierzu das Special: DJ International Classics

  • Mario Reyes – What Ever Turns You On (Club Mix)
  • Farley ‚Jackmaster‘ Funk ft. Ricky Dillard – It’s U (House Mix)
  • Chip E. – Time To Jack
  • Femme Fion – Jack The House
  • MKII – Used By DJ (Vocal)
  • Kenny ‚Jammin“ Jason with Fast Eddie – Can U Dance
  • Fingers Inc. – It’s Over (Club Mix)
  • Dymond – Wild About Your Love (Club Mix)
  • Chip E. – If You Only Knew (Radio Edit)
  • Julian ‚Jumpin“ Perez ft. Connie V. – Jack Me ‚Til I Scream (Jumpin‘ Mix)
06 Trax Classix

siehe hierzu das Special: Trax Classix

  • Adonis – No Way Back
  • Marshall Jefferson ft. Kevin Irving – Ride The Rhythm (Remix)
  • Farley ‚Jackmaster‘ Funk – Farley Farley
  • Farm Boy – Jackin‘ Me Around (Farm Mix)
  • Boris Badenough – Hey Rocky (Extended)
  • Marshall Jefferson – The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)
  • Sampson ‚Butch‘ Moore – House Beat Box (Instrumental)
  • Sweet D – Thank Ya
  • Kevin Irving – Children Of The Night
  • Phuture – Your Only Friend
07 The Chicago Independents

siehe hierzu das Special: The Chicago Independents

  • Farley ‚Jackmaster‘ Funk ft. Darryl Pandy – Love Can’t Turn Around
  • Denise Motto – IMNXTC
  • Ralphi Rosario ft. Xaviera Gold – You Used To Hold Me
  • Libra Libra – I Like It
  • Liz Torres ft. Edward Crosby – Can’t Get Enough (Club)
  • House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House – House Nation
  • On The House – Pleasure Control (Radio)
  • The Elect – I’m House
  • Hercules – 7 Ways (Vocal)
  • Ramos – The Jackin‘ National Anthem
08 The Anglo-American House

siehe hierzu das Special: The Anglo-American House (Teil 1)

  • Blaze – Whatcha Gonna Do (Vocal)
  • Mel & Kim – Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (The Mortgage Mix)
  • Cleavage – Barah (The House Mix)
  • Phil Fearon – Ain’t Nothing But A House Party
  • Harlequin Four’s ft. Barbara Tucker – Set It Off
  • Jack ‚N‘ Chill – The Jack That House Built
  • Raze – Jack The Groove
  • Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely (Garage)
  • Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version)
  • Mirage – Jack Mix #2
09 The Anglo-American House

siehe hierzu das Special: The Anglo-American House (Teil 2)

  • Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House (US Version)
  • Jack E Makossa – The Opera House
  • Mel & Kim – Respectable (Tabloid Mix)
  • Gary L – Time (Time To Party)
  • Wired – To The Beat Of The Drum (On The Burn Mix)
  • 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman And A Dominican – Do It Properly (Def Mix)
  • Lenny Dee & Tommy Musto – Everything Bamboo (Club Version)
  • Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element – Turn Me Loose
  • The Movement – The Movement
  • Home Wreckers– Jackin‘ (EMU Style)
10 The Lost Tracks

siehe hierzu das Special: The Lost Tracks ’85-87

  • Risqué Rhythm Team – 122 House
  • Matt Warren – Way To My Heart (Club Mix)
  • Mink – What Does It Take (Fashion Mix)
  • Rythim Is Rythim – Nude Photo
  • Philly Cream – Love Can’t Turn Around (Vocal Club Version)
  • Quest – Mind Games (Street Mix)
  • Kreem – Triangle Of Love (Vocal Mix)
  • Master Plan – Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
  • Billie – Nobody’s Business (Radio Mix)
  • Thompson & Lenoir – Can’t Stop The House (Vocal Mix)
11 The House Remixes

siehe hierzu das Special: House Remixes & Remakes

  • Chic – Jack Le Freak
  • Loleatta Holloway – Hit And Run ’88 Gotta Be Number One
  • Dalis – Rock Steady
  • Cerrone – Supernature ’88
  • Patrick Adams ft. Larri Lee – Jack In The Bush
  • Freeez – I. O. U.
  • Paris Grey – Don’t Make Me Jack (Tonite I Want To House You)
  • John Rocca – I Want It To Be Real
  • Turntable Terror Trax – Let’s Begin
  • Farley ‚Jackmaster‘ Funk and The Shy Boyz – U Ain’t Really House
12 House – The Future

siehe hierzu das Special: House – The Future

  • Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle To The Record
  • Jellybean ft. Steven Dante – The Real Thing (West 26th Street Mix)
  • Kelly Charles – You’re No Good For Me (Club Mix)
  • L.A. Mix – Don’t Stop Jammin‘ (The Brutal Remix)
  • Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings (Flam-Boy-Ant Mix)
  • M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume (Original Version)
  • Full House – Communicate (Club Mix)
  • Secret Secret – We Came To Jack
  • T-Coy – Cariño
  • The Beatmasters ft. The Cookie Crew – Rok Da House (Remix)

Ende der ursprünglichen 12x LP Box (B.C. 70-2060-49).

The Story Continues

3x LP Set als Erweiterung der Box mit „30 Tracks to complete the collection“.
(BCM Records 39138)

The Story Continues - Cover front
The Story Continues – Cover front
History of House Continue Bands
13 Pop Goes The House

siehe hierzu das Special: Pop Goes The House

  • Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
  • S’Express – Theme From S-Express
  • Coldcut ft. Yazz and The Plastic Population – Doctorin‘ The House
  • Krush – House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law)
  • Yazz and the Plastic Population – The Only Way Is Up
  • Was (Not Was) – Spy In The House Of Love
  • 2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet – Tired Of Getting Pushed Around
  • Penthouse 4 – Bust This House Down
  • Cut To Shock ft. E.F. Cuttin‘ – Put That Record Back On
  • Pop Stars – Pop Goes The House
14 The Acieed Trax

siehe hierzu das Special: The Acieed Trax

  • D Mob ft. Gary Haisman – We Call It Acieed (The Matey Mix)
  • Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
  • The Night Writers – Let The Music (Use You) (Club Mix)
  • Swan Lake – In The Name Of Love (Club Mix)
  • Tyree – Acid Over (Heavenly Mix)
  • Jolly Roger – Acid Man (Original Mix)
  • Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh) (Konrad Cadet Mix)
  • Royal House – Can You Party (Club Mix) (B-Boy Remix)
  • Bam Bam – Give It To Me
  • Adonis and The Endless Poker’s – The Poke (Quit Poken Me Mix)
15 The Future – Deep House And More

siehe hierzu das Special: The Future – Deep House And More

  • Inner City – Big Fun 7:20
  • Phase II – Reachin‘ (Brotherhood Mix) 5:57
  • The Bighouse ft. Shampel „C“ with D.J. Mack – Get Off That Wall (Vocal) 5:52
  • Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You 4:58
  • Paul Rutherford – Get Real (Happy House Mix) 5:55
  • Kraze – The Party 6:13
  • Fingers Inc. ft. Chuck Roberts – Can You Feel It 5:32
  • Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride (Club Mix) 6:28
  • Bam Bam – Where Is Your Child 5:39
  • The Todd Terry Project – Weekend (Club Version) 5:48

15x CD The Complete Edition

Die CD Box (BCM 57020), unterteilt in Vol.1-8 und Vol. 9-15 mit 150 Tracks auf 15 CDs als „Special Collector’s Edition“.

BCM Box 15xCD Anzeige
BCM Records Anzeige


Das englischsprachige Booklet habe ich übersetzt.
Siehe hierzu: The Story of House

Original Booklet:

  • Der original englische Text von Stuart Cosgroove [pdf-Datei]
  • Scan des original Booklet [pdf-Datei]

Der englische Original als Booklet Scans bei Discogs.

Ich habe die 12x LP Box am 19.01.1988 für 99,- DM bei Membran in Flensburg gekauft. Und bin seitdem ein großer House Fan.


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