Adeva! – Album und Maxis ’88-89

Das Debüt Album: Adeva! mit zahlreichen Club-Hits (Respect, In and Out my Life, I thank you uva.) – Übersicht über die Maxis zum Album

Das Album: Adeva! ’89

Adeva - Adeva, Album Cover front, 1989
Album Tracklist:
  1. Respect (4:05)
  2. Treat Me Right (3:08)
  3. I Thank You (3:45)
  4. So Right (4:39)
  5. In & Out Of My Life (4:45)
  6. Warning! (4:44)
  7. I Don’t Need You (3:37)
  8. Beautiful Love (4:32)
  9. Promises (4:03)
  10. Musical Freedom (6:22)

Bonus 3 Track Maxi 12“:

  • I Thank You (Club Mix) (5:08)
  • Warning! (Dub Mix) (6:03)
  • Respect (Dancin‘ Danny D Remix (8:28)

Die Bonus-Tracks sind auf der Limited Edition mit zusätzlicher 12“-Inch enthalten, sowie auf der CD-Version.

Adeva - Adeva, Album Sticker, 1989
Bonus Sticker

Credits & Charts:

Das Album „Adeva!“ war insgesamt 19 Wochen in den deutschen Album-Charts und schaffte es bis auf Platz 28. Höchste Platzierung in den UK-Charts Platz 6.

All tracks produced by Smack Productions Inc. (ausser ‚Musical Freedom“)
Engineer: Russ Kip Moore
Engineer [Assistant]: Keith Jacks
Photography: Andrew MacPerson
Recorded at Quantum Studios

Thanks to & Backcover:

Thanks to:
Movin‘ Records, Joe, Abby, Julie and Wang, Record City (Paterson), Broadway Pizzeria, Hanif (my main barber), all the hometown people of Paterson, New Jersey who’s supporting me, Gary and the Cheetah Club, Big Tony and Club 88, D-or, Sha-Doo, Omega Psi Phi (my purple and gold), Delta Sigma Theta (my sister, I love you), The whole Eastside Park Brothers Tony-D, D’Wayne-G, Timmy-H, Mikii, Ice, Kol-Jef, Michael M, Deke-H, Mark Walston, Robi Walston, Jodi Walston, Al-Janon Walston, little Al, Scooter, Tera, Manny, Jo, Ma Walston, Rieko Tyler, Kim Richardson and the whole Richardson clan.
All the D.J.’s who played my music, especially Tony Humphries (the man who brought the garage to Zanzibar), Monie Love, Shelton and the Zanzibar staff, Canaan Baptist Church, Bro Louis Norris and Niecie Townes (the greatest), La Shandra (Get Started), Vicky „Not gonna do it“ Martin, Soul II Soul, Chrysalis Records, Aaron, Damien and Teddy (you gots to chill), Alyson Williams (you’re Raw), Phaze II and Blaze (my family, I love you guys), Todd Jackson (thanks a million), Luis“Ace“ Rodriguez (la la la), Michael Greene (thanks Babe)…

Adeva - Adeva, Album Cover back LP, 1989
LP Back Cover

Adeva - Adeva, Album Cover back CD, 1989
CD Back Cover

Die Maxi-Singles zum Album:

Adeva - Respect, Maxi Cover front
Respect 12“
Adeva - Musical Freedom, Maxi Cover front
Musical Freedom 12“
Adeva - Warning, Maxi Cover front
Warning 12“
Adeva - I Thank you, Maxi Cover front
I Thank you 12“
Adeva - Beautiful Love, Maxi Cover front
Beautiful Love 12“
In And Out Of My Life ’88

Erste Single von Adeva und sogleich ein großer Club-Hit. Erschienen auf Easy Street Records und Garage Trax

In And Out Of My Life (12″ Original) ’88
Easy Street Records #EZS-7536 | Garage Trax #GTX 1

  1. In and Out of my Life (Song Version) (4:30)
    Mixed: Marc Thompson
  2. In and Out of my Life (Club Mix) (5:15)
    Mixed: Marc Thompson
  3. In and Out of my Life (Dub of my Life) (5:45)
    Mixed: Marc Thompson

In And Out Of My Life (12″ Remix) ’89
Easy Street Records #EZSR-7536

  1. In and Out of my Life (Pump, Pump your Body) (6:00)
    Remix: Mike Cameron
  2. In and Out of my Life (In then Out) (5:54)
    Remix: Troy Patterson
  3. In and Out of my Life (Song Version) (4:41)
    Remix: Troy Patterson

Written-By: Debbie Parkin, Patricia Daniels, Tito Joe Jackson, Rod Goode
Producer: Mike Cameron | Engineer: Joseph D’Arrigo
Keyboards: Rico Tyler |Drum Programming: Rod Goode
Background Vocals: Frank Jones
Mastered By: Chris Gehringer, Dick Charles (Remix)

Produced with Smack Music Productions.
Recorded and mixed at Ridge Recording Inc. | Mastered at Frankford / Wayne.
Published by Andi-Girl Music / Smackin‘ Music / BMI.

Respect ’88

Das Original von „Respect“ wurde 1965 geschrieben von Otis Redding und durch die Version von Aretha Franklin 1967 ein Millionseller. [mehr Infos]

Erste Single nachdem Adeva bei Chrysalis Records/Cooltempo unterzeichnet hat.

Respect (12″ Original) ’88
Cooltempo #COOLX 179

  1. Respect (Extended Version) (7:45)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson
  2. Respect (Rough Mix) (5:18)
    Mixed: Mike Cameron & Roderick Goode
  3. Respect (Dub Version) (6:52)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson

Die US Ausgabe (Chrysalis #4V9 43329) enthält noch einen ‚Rough Dub Mix‘ und die 7″-Version

Respect (12″ Remix) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLXR 179 | MCD: Chrysalis #662 070

  1. Respect (Dancin‘ Danny D Remix) (8:25)
    Rap Vocals: Monie Love | Mixed: Dancin‘ Danny D
  2. Respect (Single Version) (4:03)
    entspricht der Album Version
  3. Respect (Bonus Beats) (1:23)
  4. Respect (Accapella) (2:55)

Producer: Debbie Parkin, Smack Productions
Drum Programming: Michael Cameron, Rod Goode
Keyboards and Drum Programming: Rico Tyler
Engineer (Mix): Russ Kip Moore

Notes: Special Thanks to Tony Humphries
Charts: #17 in den UK-Charts

Dancin Danny D 1989
Dancin Danny D 1989

Adeva Respect Ad Cooltempo
Adeva Respect – Cooltempo Anzeige

Musical Freedom ’89

Paul Simpson ft. Adeva – Musical Freedom (Free At Last) (12″) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLX 182

  1. Musical Freedom (Free at Last) (Extended Freedom Mix) (6:20)
    Vocals: Adeva, Carmen Marie | Mixed: Pablovia RaBan
    entspricht der Album Version
  2. Musical Freedom (The Original) (7:56)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson, Danny D. for Slam Jam Productions
  3. Musical Freedom (Simpson Treatment) (5:10)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Frankie Knuckles

Der Song wurde zuvor von Paul Simpson ohne die Vocals von Adeva veröffentlicht. Cooltempo #COOLX 165
Track #2 als ‚Musical Freedom (Free at Last)‘,
Track #3 als ‚Musical Freedom‘
In der Remix Version #COOLXR 182 wurden die Vocals von Candi Staton’s „You got the Love“ verwendet.

Paul Simpson
Paul Simpson

Written: Paul Simpson, Carmen Brown
Producer, Arranged by: Paul Simpson for Simp-House Productions
Design: John Pasche | Photography [Colour] – Simon Fowler

Toney Lee – Reach Up
Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (Written, Produced: Paul Simpson)
Martin Luther King Rede „Free at Last“

Special thanks to Joe „Movin'“ Smith & Fred Turner

Warning! ’89

Warning! (12″ Original) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLX 185

  1. Warning! (High on Hope Mix) (5:49)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson | Edited: K-Jee, The Wolfe
  2. Warning! (Zanzibar Mix) (5:43)
    Mixed: Tony Humphries
  3. Respect (Original 12″ Mix) (7:45)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson

Warning! (12″ Remix) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLXR 185

  1. Warning! (Dangerous Dub Mix) (6:03)
  2. Warning! (Album Mix) (4:43)
    Mixed: Paul Simpson
  3. Warning! (Zanzibar Mix) (5:43)
    Mixed: Tony Humphries

Written: Debbie Parkin, Rico Tyler, Roderick Goode
Producer: Smack Productions
Background Vocals: Carmen Brown
Keyboards: Rico Tyler, Roger Cozine
Keyboards and Drum Programming: Troy Patterson
Photography: Andrew MacPherson

Notes: (P) Smack Productions Inc. | (C) Chrysalis Records Ltd.
Charts: #17 in den UK-Charts

I Thank You ’89

I Thank You (12″ Original) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLX 192

  1. I Thank You (The Philadelphia Mix) (7:45)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Paul Simpson
  2. I Thank You (Philly Dub Mix) (5:18)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Paul Simpson
  3. I Don’t need you (3:34)
    entspricht der Album-Version

I Thank You (The Smack Mixes) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLXR 192

  1. I Thank You (Club Mix) (5:03)
  2. I Thank You (New Jersey Mix) (6:20)
  3. I Thank You (Somehouse Somewhere Mix) (5:43)

written-by: Kevin Lewis, Troy Patterson | ‚I don’t need you‘: Patricia Daniels
Producer: Smack Productions
Background Vocals: Brenda Mickens, Troy Patterson
Keyboards and Drum Programming: Troy Patterson
Keyboards: Kevin Lewis
Soloist, Piano – Paul Simpson
Percussion [Additional]: Dave Darlington
Design: John Pasche | Photography: Andrew Macpherson

Notes: (P) Smack Productions Inc. | (C) Chrysalis Records Ltd.
Charts: #17 in den UK-Charts

Beautiful Love ’89

Beautiful Love (12″ Original) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLX 195

  1. Beautiful Love (Extended) (5:15)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Frankie Knuckles
  2. Promises (Extended) (6:02)
  3. Beautiful Love (Instru-mental) (6:15)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Frankie Knuckles

Beautiful Love (12″ Remix) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLXR 195

  1. Beautiful Love (Remix) (5:15)
    Rap: K-Y-Z-E | Background Vocals: Tony Humphries
  2. Promises (Truth Mix) (6:02)
  3. Beautiful Love (Classic Club Mix) (6:15)
    Mixed, Production (Additional): Frankie Knuckles

written-by: Troy Patterson, Keith Jacks, Patricia Daniels | ‚Promises‘: Debbie Parkin, Troy Patterson
Producer: Smack Productions
Piano (Grand): John Poppo
Drums, Percussion: David Morales
Programmed by (Key): Eric Kupper
Keyboards and Drum Programming: Troy Patterson
Background Vocals: Tony Jenkins
Engineer: John Patterson, Doc Doughty
Design: John Pasche | Photography: Andrew Macpherson

(P) Smack Productions Inc. | (C) Chrysalis Records Ltd.

Promises ’89

nur als Promo erschienen.
Auf den „Beautiful Love“ Maxis gibt es von dem Song auch offizielle Maxi-Versionen.

Promises (12″ Promo) ’89
Cooltempo #COOLXP 195 (Promo)

  1. Promises (Broken Mix) (5:59)
    Mixed: Smack Productions
  2. Promises (LP-Version) (4:00)

written-by: Debbie Parkin, Troy Patterson
Producer: Smack Productions
Keyboards and Drum Promming: Troy Patterson

The Adeva Story!

RESPECT ME! : The Adeva Story | Original Documentary
The Adeva Story (Documentary) Video


Adeva Websites:

Patricia A. Daniels
(* 1960 in Paterson, New Jersey, US)
Künstlername als Wortspiel von „A Diva“


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