The Sound of Reese & Santonio

Über das Detroiter Duo Kevin Saunderson (aka Reese) & Santonio Echols mit kl. Diskografie und Infos zu den Songs „The Sound“ und „Rock to the Beat“ sowie über das Label KMS-Records.


Kevin Reese Saunderson
Kevin „Reese“ Saunderson



Santonio Echols
Santonio Echols
Reese (Kevin Saunderson) Websites & Infos

Kevin Maurice Saunderson
(* 05.09.1964 in Brooklyn, New York)

Kevin ging mit Juan Atkins und Derrick May auf die Belleville High School in Detroit („The Belleville Three“). Er gilt als Mitbegründer der Stilrichtung Detroit Techno und hatte mit Inner City (gemeinsam mit Paris Grey) große Chart-Erfolge.
Zudem gründete er das Label KMS Records (siehe unten)

Santonio Echols Websites & Infos

Santonio, der sicherlich nicht so bekannt ist wie Kevin, schreibt:

But, today Kevin Saunderson claims that he is Reese and Santonio and the other half of the fame group (Santonio) which is a untrue claim.

Santonio Echols

Auch ohne Kevin hat Santonio einige tolle Tracks veröffentlicht.
Ein Beispiel:

The Sound

Der erste veröffentlichte Song „The Sound“ von Reese & Santonio ist ein Klassiker des Detroit House und wurde zahlreich gesampelt, so z. B. von Todd Terry „Back to the Beat“ (Album) und vom Groove Terminator.

Nachdem zwei kl. Italiener (Supernova) den Song (unautorisiert) sampelten, platzte Reese wohl der Kragen und er entschied sich dagegen vorzugehen – wie? – in dem er den Original Song frei zum download anbot.

Kevin Saundersons Erklärung hierzu:

„Dear friends, fans and members of the music industry.
Today I’m giving away as a free download one of the productions I am most proud of: Reese & Santonio “The Sound”.

I recorded “The Sound” back in 1987 and released it on my own KMS Records label. It was a massive hit at New York’s Paradise Garage and in Chicago and of course Detroit. Once it hit the UK it became one of the earliest Detroit anthems right around Europe, a huge underground record across the globe – a true desert island techno track. It is such a special record to me because it was one of my first really successful productions and I hope that you all will enjoy this free, fresh digital download of my original 1987 version.

The reason I have decided to give this track away for free is because of a situation that recently developed involving the unauthorized sampling of “The Sound” by Italian producers Giacomo Godi & Emiliano Nencioni (Supernova) in their release “Beat Me Back” on Nirvana Recordings. It came to my attention that they are licensing and selling, with considerable success, this track which is nothing more than a continuous loop of the main hook from “The Sound.”

For me to hear ‘Supernova’ taking an extended loop of “The Sound” and claiming that this is their own original composition and production is both dishonest and disrespectful.

Der Song von Supernova
„Beat me back“ von 2011.
(Emiliano Nencioni, Giacomo Godi)

Supernova - Beat me back, Cover front, 2011
Beat me back Cover

My first thought was that they were perhaps naive, but as they have apparently been recording together since 2002 this seems unlikely. In any event this is completely unacceptable, we cannot continue to let this kind of wholesale rip off go unchallenged and tolerate “artists” who completely sample recordings, add nothing of their own and then release the results as their own work.

I have a huge affection for sampling, it’s how some of the most inspiring and ground breaking tracks of our times were created. We’ve pretty much all sampled records at some time, and cleared the sample so we can use it on our releases, but it is just not cool to take someone else’s music, create a big old loop of it and then put your name on it and try to have success entirely off the back of another artist’s efforts. This really has got to stop. For this reason, I have uploaded the Godi/Nencioni version of “The Sound” to Soundcloud so that you all can download this for free if you so wish. These producers and their record label should not be profiting from my back catalogue… this is not their track to sell.“

Kevin Saunderson

Rock to the Beat

Die Original Vocals stammen von Kevin’s Schwester Latonya Saunderson. (Vocals bestehen nur aus dem Songtitel)
Bei dem Mix von Mike „Hitman“ Wilson singt stattdessen Kevin’s Frau Ann Karen Joy Saunderson. Sie hat auch bei dem Klassiker „Kaos-The Definition of Love“ und bei einigen Inner City Songs (mit)gesungen.

Aber auch Lisa M. (Lisa Moorish) hat den Song gesungen – als Neuauflage 1989, produziert von Juan Atkins.
Das belgische New Beat Project 101 hatte den Song zuvor (1988) ebenfalls gecovert. Sowie KL 303 (1989).

Kevin Saunderson über „Rock to the Beat“:

I was thinking how I could combine a dance sound with a soundtrack element. It sounds eerie and it was meant to be.

Reese & Santonio Logo


The Sound / How To Play Our Music ’87

Label: KMS #KMS 010

  • The Sound (Smoothe Mix) 6:47
  • How To Play Our Music (Dub Mix)
  • How To Play Our Music (Bonus Beat)

Mixed: Kevin „Master“ Reese | Producer, Engineer: Kevin Saunderson
Written: Kevin Saunderson, Santonio Echols

Reese & Santonio - The Sound / How To Play Our Music, Label A, 1987
The Sound – Label A
Bounce Your Body To The Box ’88

Label: KMS – #KMS 012

  • Bounce Your Body To The Box (Power Hit Mix)
    Mixed: Mike „Hitman“ Wilson
  • Bounce Your Body To The Box (Smooth Groove Mix)
    Mixed: Master Reese
  • Force Field
  • The Sound (Re-Mix)
    Mixed: Mayday

Producer, Writen: Kevin Saunderson, Santonio Echols #3
Co-producer: Andre Holmon #3+4

Reese & Santonio - Bounce Your Body To The Box, Label A, 1988
Label B
Back To The Beat / Rock To The Beat ’88

Label: FFRR #FFRX 7

  • Back To The Beat (With ‚The Sound‘)
  • The Sound (Acid Remix)
  • Rock To The Beat

Producer – Kevin Saunderson

Die Veröffentlichung auf dem UK-Label FFRR brachte den Detroit Sound nach England.

Reese & Santonio - Back To The Beat / Rock To The Beat, Label A, 1988
Back to the Beat – Label A
Truth Of Self Evidence / Structure ’88

Label: KMS – #KMS 017

  • Truth Of Self Evidence
  • Grab The Beat
    Mixed: Kevin „Master“ Reese
  • Structure
    Mixed: Santonio Echols

Writen, Producer:
Kevin Saunderson #1,2
& Santonio Echols #1,3

Mastered at Sunshine Sound, N.Y.C.
(P)(C) 1988 Drive On Virgin Songs BMI | Distributed by Music Master, Inc.

„Truth Of Self Evidence“ enthält Elemente aus Martin Luther King’s Rede „I have a dream…“.
Bei der Veröffentlichung auf FFRR (FFRX 15) ist die B-Seite „Structure“ die A-Seite.

Reese & Santonio - Truth Of Self Evidence / Structure, Label A, 1988
Truth of… – Label A
The Sound / How To Play… / Groovin Without A Doubt ’88

Label: Kool Kat Music #KOOL T15

  • The Sound (Exclusive Motor City) (Remix)
    Remix: Master Reese
  • The Sound (Original Version)
  • How To Play Our Music (Remix)
    Remix: Mayday
  • (Reese & Mayday) Groovin Without A Doubt (Remix)
    Remix: Mayday

Written: Saunderson (#1-3), Echols (#1-3), Mayday (#4), Pennington (#4)
Mastered: Damont Audio | (p) Kool Kat Music | (c) Drive On Music
Licensed from KMS Records Detroit | Manufactured and distributed by PRT

Reese & Santonio - The Sound / How To Play… / Groovin Without A Doubt, Label A, 1988
How to Play… Label B
Rock to the Beat ’89

Label: KMS – #KMS 022

  • Rock To The Beat (Mayday Mix) 6:44
    Remix, Producer [Added Prod.] – Mayday
  • Rock To The Beat (Original Mix) 2:55
    Mixed: Kevin „Master Reese“ Saunderson | Vocals: Latonya Saunderson
  • You’re Mine 7:17
    Edited: Damon „Audiomix“ Booker | Producer, Mixed: Power 41
  • Rock To The Beat (Hitman Mix) 5:18
    Remix, Producer [Added Prod.]: Mike „Hitman“ Wilson | Vocals: Ann Karen Joy Saunderson | Samples: Kraftwerk
  • Grab The Beat 5:49
    Mixed: Mike „Hitman“ Wilson

Rock to the Beat:
Written: Kevin Saunderson, Santonio Echols
Producer: Kevin Saunderson

Reese & Santonio - Rock to the Beat, Label A, 1989
Rock to the Beat – Label A

KMS Records Label

KMS Records Logo
KMS Records Logo

Der Name KMS steht für die Initialen von Kevin Maurice Saunderson – der 1987 das Label in Detroit gegründet hat. Neben „Reese & Santonio“ wurden noch zahlreiche Projekte von Kevin Saunderson hier veröffentlicht: Kreem, Innercity (Inner City), Kaos, E-Dancer…

Das Label hat (neben Transmat und Metroplex) entscheidend den Detroit Techno Sound geprägt.
Discogs | Wikipedia | MusicBrainz

 weitere Logos von KMS Records

 weitere Logos von KMS Records
KMS Records Logo
KMS Records Logo
KMS Records Logo
KMS Records Logo

Übrigens Santonio’s Bruder Antonio Echols gründete 1992 das Label Serious Groove Records auf dem neben Santonio auch Chez Damier u.a. veröffentlicht haben.

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