Ultimate Trax Vol.1-3 ’86-87

Sampler Reihe von Champion Records mit Hip-Hop, Dance und House Klassikern und den grossartigen Battle of the DJ’s Mixes!

Ultimate Trax Vol.1 ’86 Tracklist
Releases: 2LP: CHAMP 103 | Tape: CHAMP K 103

  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble 4:38
    Producer: S. Salaam | Label: Word Up Rec.
  2. Sybil – Falling In Love 5:52
    Producer: Dolores Drewry, James Bratton, Ron Wilmore | Label: Next Plateau Rec.
  3. Raze – Let The Music Move You 6:12
    ‚Wanda of Raze‘ | Producer: Vaughan Mason | Label: Grove Street Rec.
  4. Word Of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese – Coast To Coast 5:30
    Producer: Duke Bootee | Label: Profile Rec.
  5. Harlequin Four’s – Set It Off (Remix) 9:19
    Producer: George Logios | Label: Just Born Prod.
  6. Marshall Jefferson – The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body) 7:38
    Producer: Virgo | Label: Affair Records UK
  7. Raze – Jack The Groove 6:10
    Producer: Vaughan Mason | Label: Grove Street Rec.
  8. Darryl Patterson – Heartbreaker 4:34
    Producer: Darryl Patterson | Label: Grove Street Rec.
  9. Kinkina – Jungle Fever 5:55
    Producer: Alan Ward, Willy Albimoor | Label: Roland Kluger Music, Belgien
  10. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Guys Ain’t Nothing But Trouble 4:28
    Featuring: Ice Cream Tee (Bettina Clark) | Producer: S. Salaam | Label: Word Up Rec.

Battle of the DJ’s Bonus:
verwendete Album Tracks: #1, 4, 5 + Spyder D-I can’t wait + Whistle-Just Buggin‘

  1. DJ Cheese (12:43)
  2. Chad Jackson (7:58)

Ultimate Trax Vol.2 ’87 Tracklist
Releases: 2LP: CHAMP 1005 | Tape: CHAMP K 1005

  1. Libra Libra – I Like It 6:20
    Producer: Brett Wilcots, Mitchbal | Label: Chicago Connection Rec.
  2. Gary L. – Time (Time To Party) 7:00
    Producer: Paul Scott | Label: Sensations Records
  3. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce – It’s My Beat 4:58
    Producer: Hurby Luv Bug | Label: Profile Records
  4. M.C. Shy-D – I’ve Gotta Be Tough 5:56
    Producer: M.C. Shy D. | Label: Luke Skywalker Records
  5. The Masterdon Committee – Funk Box Party (Live) 7:00
    Producer: Bobby Robinson | Label: Enjoy Records
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff 5:01
    Producer: Dana Goodman | Label: Word-Up Records
  7. Blaze – Whatcha Gonna Do 5:38
    Producer: Blaze | Label: Quark Records
  8. Salt ‚N‘ Pepa – My Mike Sounds Nice 4:52
    Producer: Hurby Luv Bug | Label: Next Plateau Rec.
  9. Home Wreckers – Jackin‘ 7:19
    Producer: Allan Coelho, H. Raposo | Label: Dance-Sing Rec.
  10. Worse ‚Em – Triple M Bass 5:36
    Producer: Eric Griffin, Tony Patterson | Label: Profile Rec.

Battle of the DJ’s Bonus:
verwendete Album Tracks: #3, 4, 6, 8, 10

  1. Whiz Kid (11:34)
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff (13:01)

Ultimate Trax Vol.3 ’87 Tracklist
Releases: 2LP: CHAMP 1008 | Tape: CHAMP K 1008

  1. Sybil – Let Yourself Go (Remix) 5:14
    Producer: Dolores Drewry, James Bratton | Label: Next Plateau Rec.
  2. Private Joy – Coolin Out 5:20
    Producer: Leon Haywood | Label: Evejim Reocrds
  3. True Mathematics And The Invisible Empire – After Dark 3:49
    Producer: Hank Shocklee, Carl Ryder | Label: Select Records
  4. The Fatback Band – (Feel The) Rhythm Of The Night 4:44
    Producer: Bill Curtis & Gerry Thomas | Label: Vista Sounds
  5. Voices In The Dark – Keep It Warm (Ultimate Mix) 5:27
    Producer: Andrew Hinton, David Cole, Howard Kessler | Label: Next Plateau
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – A Touch Of Jazz 4:48
    Producer: Dana Goodman, Lawrence Goodman | Label: Word Up Record
  7. Kenny „Jammin“ Jason And „Fast“ Eddie Smith – Can U Dance 3:46
    Producer: Kenny Jason for K.J.S | Label: DJ International
  8. Advance – Take Me To The Top 4:10
    Producer: Alvaro Ugolini, Dario Raimondi | Label: Energy Productions
  9. Sweet Heat – This Is The Night (Progressive Mix) 4:45
    Producer: Tojo Productions | Label: Five Newark Records
  10. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Superappin 6:22
    Producer: Bobby Robinson | Label: Enjoy Records

Battle of the DJ’s Bonus:
verwendete Album Tracks: #3, 6, 10 + 2x Salt’n Pepa (Tramp & I desire)

  1. DJ Streets Ahead (10:47)
  2. CJ Mackintosh (10:39)

Battle of the DJs

Während bei anderen Samplern oft Megamixe / Medleys aus einer Aneinanderreihung von Tracks bestehen, ist hier das Konzept viel kreativer:
Auf jeden Album treten 2 DJs gegeneinander an – beide mit dem gleichen Set an Tracks – und mixen um die Wette.
Hierfür hat Champion Records die Crème de la Crème von DJ Mixern gewinnen können.


DJ Cheese (Robert Cheese), USA [obiges Foto]
der erste Weltmeister der DMC World DJ Championships 1986
Chad Jackson (Mark Chadwick), UK
UK Champion 1986 und Weltmeister 1987


DJ Whiz Kid (Harold McGuire), USA
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey Allen Townes), USA
Video anzeigen


DJ Streets Ahead (aka Slaker, Shem McCauley), UK
CJ Mackintosh (Christopher John Mackintosh), UK

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