Armando – Essential Tracks

Armando Gallop ist eine Legende des Chicago Acid House. Diskografie bis Anfang der 90er


Armando Luis Gallop, geboren am 12.02.1970 in Chicago, hat bereits mit 17 Jahren den Acid-Klassiker „Land of Confusion“ geschrieben und ein Jahr später zusammen mit Mike Dunn das legendäre Label Warehouse Records gegründet, auf dem auch Künstler wie Robert Armani, Ron Trent und DJ Rush veröffentlicht wurden. (+ 1989 das Sublabel Muzique Records)

Anfang der 90er war er überwiegend als DJ tätig und später als A&R Manager beim Label Radikal Fear (gegründet von Felix Da Housecat).
1996 erschien die LP „One World, One Future“, leider verstarb Armando im Dezember ’96 an Leukämie.

Hier eine Auflistung seiner besten Klassiker:

Land of Confusion

Die simple-geniale Bassline ist laut Mike Dunn schlicht und einfach ein Preset-Sound der Roland TB-303.
Der Track sollte ursprünglich „Slave for Love“ heissen.
[Quelle: Interview]

Land of Confusion ’87

Label: Westbrook Records ‎#AG-WB 4

  1. Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix) 7:28
  2. Land Of Confusion (Confusion Track 1) 4:14
  3. Land Of Confusion (Confusion Track 2) 4:25

Tracks mixed by Armando Gallop
Special thanks to Ron Hardy from Armando & Bam Bam
Recorded at Last Dance Studio

Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix)
Armando - Land of Confusion, Label A, 1987
Land of Confusion – Label A

das Remake Video mit Original Roland TB303 & TR707

Armando 'Land Of Confusion' - Live remake by Rich Lane
Remake von „Land of Confusion“
Land of Confusion Remix (EP) ’88
inkl. 151 | World Unknown | 100% of Dissin‘ you

Label: Warehouse Records ‎#WH-001

  1. Land Of Confusion (Dunn 4 Funn Mixx) 6:41
  2. 151 (Original Version) 4:56
  3. World Unknown (M.D. House Mixx) 4:53
  4. 100% Of Dissin‘ You (Lazy Crazy Mixx) 4:00
  5. World Unknown (My Mixx Is Dunn) 4:55

Mixed: Mike Dunn #1,3,5 | Armando #2
Recorded at Last Dance Studio

Armando - Land of Confusion Remix, Label A, 1988
Remix Label A

100% Of Disin‘ You

Die markante Textzeile „I’m gonna diss you some more“ stammt aus einer Live Performance von Loleatta Holloway.
Junior Vasquez hat die Vocals bereits 1987 gesampelt für sein Projekt Ellis-D in dem Song „My Loleatta (Dish Apella)“.

mehr Infos & Video zum Sample
Ellis D - My Loleatta (Classic Accapellas 2) Green Label

Bruce Forest (Legendärer New Yorker DJ (Better Days) berichtet (1998):

…In 1985, Loleatta Holloway did a rare live performance at Better Days. Rare, because she didn’t do many, and Better Days did very few livedates as well. […] I recorded the gig on reel to reel tape. I edited out all the music, and kept just the spoken vocal, consisting of lots of ‚trash talk‘ and cool sexual innuendo. – For a long time, I used to lay the vocal over various instrumentals, ranging from house tracks, to MFSB’s Love is the Message. The speaking part was in sections and lasted about forty minutes in total. The crowd went NUTS for it, and it became my trademark. Many people asked for a copy, but I promised Loleatta that I wouldn’t ever give it out. However, Shep Pettibone, my friend at the time, did a relief spot for me one night, and helped himself to a copy, against my direct wishes. He gave this copy to Junior Vasquez, who promptly took my idea, laid the vocal over a house track and made a record called ‚My Loleatta.’It was a mild success, and he made a few more. He also actually put the acappella on a 12″ and sold it. I was furious, and so was Loleatta. Too late though. The spoken vocal, copied off Junior’s record has been on dozens of records, and it both makes me feel nostalgic, and pisses me off every time I hear it. Hope this helps. Spread the word if you like.

Bruce Forrest
100% Of Disin‘ You (Remix) ’88

Label: Warehouse Records #WH-002

  1. 100% Of Disin‘ You (Mike Dunn’s Houze Mixx) 8:38
  2. 100% Of Disin‘ You (Armando’s Dis Mix) 8:33
  3. 100% Of Disin‘ You (Mike’s Original Mixx) 4:06
  4. 100% Of Disin‘ You (Doin‘ It With The A.C. Mixx) 4:44

Producer: Armando, Mike Dunn
Published by Dance Mutha Publishing
Manufactured & distributed: Gherkin Records

Armando - 100% Of Disin' You Remix, Label A, 1988
100% of Disin‘ you (Remix) – Label A
100% Of Disin‘ U (Remix No. II) ’92

Label: Warehouse Records #W-5000

  1. 100% Of Disin‘ U (100% Pure Adrenalin)
  2. 100% Of Disin‘ U (Smooth Underground)
  3. 100% Of Disin‘ U (Warehouse Mix)
  4. 100% Of Disin‘ U (Climax Mix)
  5. 100% Of Disin‘ U (Midnight Club Dub)
Armando - 100% Of Disin' You Remix II, Label A, 1992
100% of Disin‘ U – Label A


Original Version erschienen auf „Land of Confusion Remix“ (EP). Ein großartiger zeitloser Acid-Track!

151 (The Remixes) ’92
inkl. Land of Confusion | World Unknown | 100% of Dissin‘ you

Label: Djax-Up-Beats ‎#DJAX-UP-152

  1. 151 (Terrace Mixx)
  2. 151 (Speedy J Mixx)
  3. Land Of Confusion (Dunn 4 Funn Mixx)
  4. World Unknown (My Mixx Is Dunn)
  5. 100% Of Disin‘ You (Armando’s Unreleased Mixx)

Written: Armando Gallop
Mixed: #1 Terrace (Stefan Robbers), #2 Speedy J, #3+4 Mike Dunn, #5 Armando
Phonographic Copyright: Djax Records | Copyright: Nanada Music

Armando ‎– 151 (Speedy J Mixx)
151 (Speedy J Mixx)
Armando - 151 Remixes, Label A, 1992
151 Remixes – Label A


Der Track ist nur auf dem Sampler von Missing Dog Records „Volume 2“ erschienen. Label von Marcus Mixx [Discogs]

Uhacceid ’89

Label: Missing Dog Records #MDR007-009

  • Uhacceid 9:01

Vocals [Sample]: Sharvette Cole

Armando - Uhaceeid
Uhaceeid (Missing Dog Rec.)

Weitere Songes – Diskografie (Teil I)

Downfall ’88

Der Song ist erschienen 1988 auf dem Sampler „Acid Trax“ von Trax Records

  1. Downfall 4:50
    Written: Armando Gallop
We’re On The Move ’89

Label: Westbrook Records ‎#WH-003

  1. We’re On The Move („Armando’s“ Club Mix)
  2. We’re On The Move (On The Move With Armando’s Mix)
  3. We’re On The Move (Mike’s On The Move Mixx)
  4. We’re On The Move (Mike’s Sexx Drive Mixx)
  5. Snare Your Ass Off (Bonus Trac By Mike Dunn)

Producer, Written: Armando Gallop
Distributed & manufactured: Barney’s Records
Published: Dance Mutha Publishing, Gallop Music

Overload ’89

Label: Housetime Records ‎#HT1016

  1. Overload (Original Mix)
  2. Overload (House Mix)
  3. Overload (Dub Mix)
  4. Maximum Overdrive
  5. Dance With Me
  6. Bonus Traxx

Producer, Written: Armando Gallop
Distributed: Precision Records | Published: Sanlar Publishing
Phonographic Copyright: Trax Records
Recorded at Blue Hearts Recordings

I need U ’91

Label: Saber Records ‎#S 3006

  1. I Need U (Classic Piano Mix)
  2. I Need U (Soft House Sax Mixx)
  3. I Need U (Basement Mix)
  4. I Need U (Warehouse Mix)
  5. I Need U (Edge Of The Lookingglass)

Written: Armando Gallop | Mixed by Pharris Thomas #4,5
Published: Sanlar Publishing

Sample Info:
Piano: Soft House Company – What You Need
inkl. Vocals aus Loleatta Holloway-Love Sensation

Don’t take it (’88)

Der verlorene Klassiker, aufgenommen 1988 in den Head Studios in Chicago.
Reanimiert 2007 von Johnny Fiasco und als Maxi auf Let’s Pet Puppies erschienen. (Discogs)
mehr Infos bei Resident Advisor

Warehouse presents ‚The Classics‘ (EP) ’94
inkl. Downfall | Land of Confusion | 100% of Dissin‘ you

Label: Warehouse Records #WH-101

  1. 100% Of Disin‘ „U“ (Original Mix) 4:05
  2. Land Of Confusion (Armando’s Orig. Mixx) 7:30
  3. Downfall 4:42
  4. 100% Of Disin‘ „U“ (The A.C. Mixx) 3:46
  5. Untitled

3 Producer: Hula (Lamar Hula Mahone) für Clubhouse Entertainment,
#4 Additional Production, Mixed: Mike Dunn,
#5 keine Infos vorhanden

Distributed, Manufactured: Barney’s Records | Mastered: Metropolis Mastering | Copyright: Muzique Publishing

Warehouse pres. The Classics EP, Label B, 1994
The Classics EP – Label B

Armando Diskografie (Teil II)

Veröffentlicht unter Projektnamen

The Chicago Bad Boy ft. Gershon Jackson ‎– House Music All Night Long ’90

Label: Warehouse Records #WH-004

  1. House Music All Night Long (Armando’s Club Mix) 6:55
  2. House Music All Night Long (New York Club Mix) 5:20
  3. House Music All Night Long (Vocal Mixx) 5:45
  4. House Music All Night Long (Mike’s Rap-House Mixx) 6:20
  5. Bonus Track 4:55

Written: Armando Gallop | Producer, Arranged: Armando, Mike Dunn | Executive Producer: Ray Barney | Mixed: #3+4: Mike Dunn

Distributed, Manufactured: Barney’s Records | Mastered: Metropolis Mastering | Phonographic Copyright: Warehouse Recording Corp. | Published: Arista Music

The New World Order – The Second Generation (LP) ’92

Label: Muzique Records ‎#MR 110

  1. Which Way Is Up? (The Disco Diva)
  2. Can’t Slow Down (No Way Back Mix) (Metro)
  3. Trancers (written: Armando Gallop)
  4. Don’t Stop (Quick Mixx) (Adrenalin)
  5. Terminator (Cyborg)
  6. Luv In Hart (Strange)
  7. Always (Forever Mix) (Genie)
  8. The Warehouse DJ (The Staff)

Das Album wurde 2003 wiederveröffentlicht unter „Armando ‎– The New World Order #2“ auf Trax Records #TX5082

Distributed: Barney’s Records | Mastered: Metropolis Mastering | Recorded: Warehouse Recording Corp.

Armando Diskografie (Teil III)

Songs bei denen Armando als Songschreiber, Producer oder Remixer mitgewirkt hat. (Auszug)

  • 326 ‎– Falling ’89
    Executive Producer, Mixed: Armando | Producer, Written: Dion Williams | Label: Muzique Records #MR-002
  • Gene Hunt ‎– Living In A Land ’89
    Written: Armando Gallop, Gene Hunt | Producer [Additional]: Armando Gallop, Robert Owens | Label: Housetime Records ‎#HT1015 | auch unter „The Darkside“ veröffentlicht
  • PDC ‎– Love For Sale ’89
    Mixed: Armando Gallop | Label: Viola Da Gamba ‎#VDG-1717
  • Terry Hunter – Madness ’90
    Producer: Armando, Terry Hunter | Label: Muzique Records #MR004
  • Armando pres. Robert Armani ‎– Armani Trax ’90
    Edited, Remixed: Armando | Label: Dance Mania #DM 035


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